Video: Travels to the Edge – Traveling to Omo Valley in Ethiopia

Along the banks and on the valleys of the Omo River, a vital body of water in the southern part of Ethiopia, lives a wide array of ethnic groups and different cultures.

The Lower Valley of the Omo, in particular, is home to the tribes of Me’en, Mursi, Dizi, Suri and Nyangatom, some of whom are featured in this travel clip shot by Sean F. White, who further shares,

Ethiopia is like no other place in Africa. Some of the isolated animist tribes who have lived there for centuries are still unaware that they reside in a country called Ethiopia. In this episode, Art ventures into the Omo Valley, Ethiopia's nearly inaccessible and richest tribal zone. After enduring muddy, impassable roads and swollen rivers, he makes his way to the Hamer, Karo, and remote Surma tribes. He documents the tribes' unique body painting, elaborate adornments, and timeless ceremonies.

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by Blogger002 on 12/08/2012 in Local Events