Video: Himalayan Oasis

Located in the Trans-Himalaya, Bodh Gaya’s Mahabodhi Temple isn’t just a typical Buddhist temple in India as it is believed to be the place where Buddha received enlightenment. This old brick temple has always been a religious zone for Buddhists, and it is believed to be the most vital of the four pilgrimage sites in honor of Gautama Buddha.

Learn more about this UNESCO World Heritage Site in Robert Gravenor’s compassionate video of the temple’s Buddhist monks. He further shares,

Mahabodhi has grown from hostile high altitude desert land. It is a 'Himalayan Oasis' founded by a Buddhist monk, Venerable Bhikkhu Sanghasena. It comprises of hostels and schools for underprivileged children, many of whom are orphaned or from very remote areas. There are also centers for meditation retreat, yoga, a charity hospital providing Western and Tibetan medicine, school for the visually impaired and an old people's home. It is a unique place of humanitarian and spiritual activities… This video is the result of the fantastic experiences that I had at Mahabodhi. I hoped to capture the many contagious smiles and wonderful personalities to show that these children have been given brilliant opportunity through holistic education, and a real chance to find happiness and build a brighter future.

So start preparing for your next pilgrimage trip as early as now!

by Blogger002 on 08/17/2012 in Escorted or Guided Tour