The World's Best Hostels

Traveling anywhere in the world is often an adventure but many people, particularly college age individuals, travel on the cheap out of necessity. One of the best ways to save money when traveling is to stay at hostels.

Hostels have something of a bad reputation among people who have never experienced them. It is true that many hostels are run down hole-in-the-wall type of establishments that often make travelers want to just sleep outside. But there are just as many hostels around the world that are at the opposite end of the comfort spectrum.

Hostels are often associated with European travel and the European continent probably has more hostels per capita than anywhere else in the world. But hostels are everywhere and some of the best ones are every bit as nice as a moderately priced hotel but for a fraction of the cost.

The Casa Caracol in Cadiz, Spain is one of the more unique hostels found anywhere in the world. They offer their guests not beds to sleep on but hammocks. This rooftop hostel is lined with colorful tapestries and a bevy of banana, orange, and lemon trees which all makes for a unique and cozy atmosphere.

Sleeping With The Enemy in Sydney, Australia is a hostel with a bit of a twist. It is actually a cluster of communal houses intended for people who are in transition between residences or who are staying in Sydeny for an extended period. The minimum required stay at Sleeping With The Enemy is one month.

Bringing things stateside, The Gershwin in New York City is the world's quintessential anti-hostel while still being a hostel. It is located in a 13-story building near 5th Avenue and is an art lover's dream. Each floor is decorated with prints by world-famous artists and the fourth floor is reserved especially for aspiring female models working their way up the modeling ranks in Manhattan.

One of the most challenging things about traveling on a budget is finding reasonable accommodations at equally reasonable prices. Hostels present a fantastic alternative to the pricey hotels that dot the cities and towns of the world and many of them have just as much to offer when it comes to comfort and style.

by Avon Alexander on 11/21/2013 in Hotels