Safe Places for Americans to Travel in the Middle East

The Middle East has a collection of some of the most beautiful scenery and diverse culture on earth. But with all of the political and civil calamity and unrest that has been taking place throughout the region, it is difficult for many travelers to know which areas are safe enough to visit.

It is no secret that there is a great deal of hostility among native Middle-Easterners toward people in the West in general and toward Americans in particular. And while the Middle East is one of the most fascinating and captivating areas in the world, many Westerners are afraid to travel there.

When most Westerners think of the Middle East they think of places like Iraq, Iran, and Afghanistan. These countries are aesthetically beautiful but are usually associated with unpleasant concepts like terrorism. But there are several countries and areas throughout the Middle East that are perfectly safe for Westerners to visit and are every bit as enjoyable as any travel destination on the planet.

Sharm el Sheikh in Egypt has been hailed as one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Nicknamed the "City of Peace", Sharm el Sheikh is well-known for its picturesque beaches and abundant and varied sea life. Vacationers enjoy the beaches but they also love to rent dune buggies and take to cruise the desert dunes that surround the city.

Istanbul, Turkey has some of the most beautiful architecture and lively marketplaces you will find anywhere. Places like the Asitane Restaurant and Besinci Kat's Bar are popular with both locals as well as visitors.

The city of Petra in Jordan is home to the famous Treasury - a large and elaborate ruin built into the city's sandstone cliffs. The Treasury was built thousands of years ago and is one of the most beloved monuments in all of Jordan.

One of the more well-known but still up-and-coming tourist destinations in the world is the city of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. While the city is very welcoming to all Western visitors, it has been dubbed the "billionaire's playground in the desert" and as such is a bit on the expensive side - the VERY expensive side.

The Middle East is often thought of as a frightening and unwelcoming region. But while many countries and provinces can indeed be hostile to Americans and other Westerners, there are plenty of places to go in the Middle East that make for an enjoyable and memorable vacation experience.

by Avon Alexander on 11/20/2013 in Rest & Relaxation