Incorporate Battambang into Your Cambodian Experience

A Buddhist Temple in Battambang



Battambang province’s capital, Battambang is located along the scenic river of Sangkae. One of the primary travel attractions in the area is the French Colonial architecture that serves as remnants of the colorful history of the nation. Aside from this, there are also the bamboo railway, ancient temples and Buddhist shrines scattering all over the city.
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New York Times Travel contributor Naomi Lindt travels to this part of Cambodia, where statues of divinities as well as real and mythical animals abound (“A Pocket of the Past in Battambang, Cambodia”). She observes how only few travelers visit the city and “Those who do are rewarded with one of the country’s greatest collections of historic structures, from decaying Angkorean temples surrounded by lotus ponds to modernist cinemas built during the country’s 1960s construction boom.”
Below is an excerpt from her article:
They (travelers) also gain access to one of the country’s richest artistic communities: Battambang has produced generations of artists, a legacy that residents are busy building on… Peaceful as the town might be today, Battambang’s architectural vestiges bear testament to a tumultuous past.
Check out the rest of her article, and you won’t surely have second thoughts on including Battambang in your Cambodian itinerary!
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