How to plan the most memorable wedding on a budget

They say there would be no weddings if there were no ladies in the world. Ladies always try to outdo each other in terms of glamour, guest list, wedding gowns, wedding destinations as well as honeymoon destinations. However, not everybody can afford the Hollywood style kind of a wedding. This does not mean that you cannot have your dream wedding though. Below are a few tips that can help you plan a memorable wedding on a lean budget.

Accept that you have a lean budget

If you are reading this post, it means that you are looking to have a budget friendly wedding. Read your statistics; the number one cause of divorce is finance difficulties. You have to make a conscious decision that you are only going to have a wedding that you can afford. You do not want to start your life together debt ridden.

Agree what each of what you wants out of the wedding

The second thing you need to do is discuss what you expect out of a wedding. Make a grand plan and start ticking out the things that you can do without during your wedding. Tick them out until you are well within your budget. Oh...and must be ready to comprise.

Let your family and friends know of your plans

The next thing you need to do is get as much help as you can - both financial and moral. You will realize that the things you ticked off in the ‘number two’ step above will start coming back into the list. You mother will tell you that no daughter of hers will have a wedding without the best wedding gown money can buy. Your cousins and friends will chip in and pay for that dream short, ask for help.

Stay within the budget

Sometimes you will be tempted to go for grandiose. Do not do it. Stay within the budget. You will be glad later that you did so.

Get creative

So you want to have a wedding by the beach? Go get it. Plan to have the wedding during the low season when the private beaches are almost empty - you will get a bargain. You want a garden wedding? Why not? Approach the local golf club manager and ask for permission to have one on their grounds. If you do not have enough flowers for decoration, visit the local flower farm and volunteer to work for them during the weekends in exchange for your wedding flowers. You will find that most people love weddings and they are always willing to help out.

Enjoy your wedding

Once you have gotten the best destination you could afford, bought the best wedding gown available at your money, and the best wedding photo and video company you could afford; it’s time to make your wedding radiate happiness. There is nothing as disconcerting as a bride or a groom that looks unhappy in their wedding. Relax, smile and be happy. Concentrate on the 'beautiful bride/handsome man' you are getting married to.

The most memorable wedding is the happiest one. No matter how grand your wedding gets, if you do not enjoy it, it will never be memorable. The key is in being happy - not the material things.

by Kennedy Runo on 12/09/2013 in Outdoor Activities