Best Burger Joints in Santiago

It is no surprise that the burger craze have caught on in Santiago as it has in other modern cities. The Chilean metropolis is one of the fastest growing travel hubs in South America. Below are the city's top burger joints.

1. Domino Fuente de Soda - Whether you are looking for a hotdog, a fruit salad, or the all times favorite burger, this restaurant is the place to go. It is a popular fast-food restaurant among the Santiago residents. Who knows, you might pick up a friend or two in the restaurant.

2. Quick Lunch Aleman - Renowned for its German cuisines, hamburgers, top shelf beers and wines, and hot dogs; this restaurant is a refreshing surprise. You somehow do not expect to find an American-like burger joint in the heart of a Latin America country. Trust me; you will have a good time in this restaurant.

3. Ruby Tuesday - With premium cocktails and delicious burgers, this restaurant has carved a niche for itself in Santiago for serving New Orleans delicacies. It specializes in American cuisines and is the place to go if you are unsure of the dishes served in the other hotels.

4. La Burguesía - The burgers served here are slightly different from your common day burger. They feature Blue Pear, a crowd-pleasing topping of bacon, blue cheese and pear. If you want a burger with a difference, then this is the place to go.

5. Mr. Jack - Mr. Jack is perhaps the most popular burger place in Santiago. It features burgers that are topped off with sautéed mushrooms, slices of raw purple onion and juice. It is the place you go to figure out the city folk on your first day in the city.

Whatever else you do in Santiago, make sure you eat the American hamburger - it is delicious, crispy and mellow. It reminds you of home.


by Kennedy Runo on 07/15/2015 in Dining