Beaches Negril Resort & Spa

The Beaches Negril Resort & Spa is a resort where romance stories are made. Imagine this; you are walking hand-in-hand with your spouse along the beach, listening to the dissipating waves hit the shore. The sun is sinking in the distant horizon. You pause for a sundown cocktail at a beachside bar and then continue with your walk. You have been waiting for the perfect moment to affirm your love for her since you left the resort where you have been staying. A sudden gust from the sea sweeps the cold water to your feet. It is getting cold. You suddenly feel like giving her a piggyback ride…and as her weight weighs down on your back, it suddenly dawns on that you needn’t say anything. She can already tell that you love her...sounds like some romance, huh? Well, that is the kind of romance stories you get every day at Beaches Negril Resort & Spa.

Accommodations at the resort are divided into 3 classes. There are the Butler rooms and Suites, the Concierge Rooms and Suites, and the Luxury Rooms and Suites. The rooms are fitted with facilities such as; air conditioning, amenity kit, hair dryer, telephone, in-room kit, clock radio, flat screen TV, iron and ironing board, and private bath and shower.

Your dining options at the resort are nothing like you have ever experienced. From the Jamaican themed restaurant - The Mill - that also boasts sweeping views to the Venetian Restaurant that serves great Italian cuisine, guests that have been at this resort have never been disappointed. Other restaurants that you can haunt at the resort include; Kimonos for Japanese cuisine, Arizona's for Texan and Mexican food, Bar B Q Park for snacks, Cafe de Paris for Parisian food among others.

The resort is a recreational haven. among the activities that you can expect to engage in are; sunbathing at the Seven Mile Beach, kayaking, reef snorkeling, water skiing, windsurfing, table tennis, lawn chess, minigolf, billiards, yard tennis etc.

If you are travelling with kids, there is a staffed nursery, Cuda Kids Club, Supervised sports activities etc to take care of the kids as you and your spouse have some massage in the spa.

The Beaches Negril Resort & Spa is the kind of place you go to awe your new girlfriend/boyfriend with your tastes. Are you planning a vacation? You can never go wrong at this resort. Click here to see what tourists that have been to this resort are saying on Trip Advisor.

by Kennedy Runo on 07/14/2014 in Hotels