Activities in Fiji for the Active Vacationer

For most people, taking a trip to the South Pacific Island country of Fiji is a once in a lifetime experience. But whether you are going for the first time or the one hundred and first time, Fiji has a lot to offer its visitors who prefer a more active vacation.

For all intents and purposes, the island of Fiji is quite literally in the middle of nowhere. One of its closest neighbors, New Zealand, is more than one thousand nautical miles away. Despite its isolation, Fiji is a popular vacation destination and the pristine beaches and picturesque sunsets are only part of the reason why.

There is plenty for tourists to do during a vacation to this exotic island but for those who prefer staying active to lounging on the beach, the following activities can make for the ideal island getaway.

The famed outer Mamanuca Islands are just waiting to be rediscovered again and again by visitors taking the Day Sailing adventure on the Seaspray schooner. The adventure features a visit to a traditional Fijian village as well as to the island featured in the Tom Hanks movie Castaway.

The island's Blue Lagoon region features the fascinating Sawailau Caves. Fijian locals guide tourists by boat through these massive limestone caves and for an additional cost (and some additional adrenaline) visitors can take a guided swim through an underground tunnel between two of the caves.

For those truly brave souls who want the adventure of a lifetime, the fabled "swim with the sharks" trip is exactly as exciting as it sounds. This guided trip takes visitors to the beautiful Moua Reef for a look at its incredibly colorful fish and corals and of course for a brief swim with some non-threatening reef sharks.

Taking a trip to Fiji is an adventure all by itself regardless of what you choose to do or not to do. But if you are looking for some of the most exciting and adrenaline pumping activities anywhere in the world, Fiji is the place to be. Whether it's hiking to the amazing island peaks or swimming with the manta rays, an adventure vacation in Fiji is sure to be one that you will want to experience more than once in your lifetime.

by Avon Alexander on 11/19/2013 in Outdoor Activities