A brief history of Los Angeles

Los Angeles, a city in the West Coast State of California in the United States of America has it all...skyscrapers, world beating sports teams, beautiful people, the richest people on earth, beautiful beaches, latest cars, the third largest GDP of any city in the world after Tokyo and New York ($831 billion) and all you can come up that a great city ought to have. But it was not always like that. Here is a brief history of this great city.

1. Thousands of years ago - It is not yet verifiable when, but it is known that the first people to settle around the land on which present day Los Angeles sits were the Tongva (or Gabrieleños) and Chumash Native American tribes.

2. 1542 - A Portuguese born explorer and sailor called Juan Rodríguez Cabrillo was the first person on the south of Los Angeles Area and thus claimed it for the Spanish Crown.

3. August 2, 1769 - Gaspar de Portolà and Franciscan missionary Juan Crespí reached present day Los Angeles and in 1771, Franciscan friar Junípero Serra ordered building of the Mission San Gabriel Arcángel - It became the first mission in the area.

4. September 4, 1781 - A settler group which called themselves 'Los Pobladores' founded a settlement they called "The Town of Our Lady the Queen of Angels of the Porciúncula River".

5. 1820 - Although the population of the settlement remained small, in 1820 it saw an increase into 650 people.

6. 1821 - The New Spain got independence from the Spanish Empire and thus remained under Mexico until the American-Mexican war when it was ceded to United States at around 1847.

7. 1876-1900 - After the Americans took over; the city saw a rapid development with railroads, security, shipping, oil and other industries cropping up.

8. 1910 - The city annexed Hollywood and by 1921, the city would contribute about 80 percent of the world movies. to date, it is still the world's capital of filmmaking. Amazingly, revenues from this industry kept Los Angeles afloat while the rest of America was suffering. It is during this time that Los Angeles overtook most of the other cities in growth.

9. From WWII onwards - The city has continued to grow in leaps and bounds giving rise to the American Culture all over the world through the movies. It is also the birth place of San Fernando Valley and was also the host of summer Olympics in 1986.

As we talk today, Los Angeles is one of the greatest metropolises to ever grace our earth. It is the second to none in almost all the entertainment front. If you love merrymaking, only Las Vegas can come near to rivaling Los Angeles.

by Kennedy Runo on 02/12/2014 in Escorted or Guided Tour