5 Tips for Urban Camping in Japan

Japan is usually perceived as a very expensive country to visit; however, it is actually very possible to travel in Japan on a very tight budget. Perhaps the biggest way of massively cutting down your expenses is to do urban camping. Coupled with hitch hiking, you can effectively reduce your travel costs to food and admission fees alone. Japan is one of the safest countries in the world, and Japan already has its own tradition of people (usually students) sleeping in train stations, on benches, etc., called nojuku. Here are 5 tips for urban camping. 

  1. If you choose to do urban camping, you will obviously need a tent, a sleeping bag and ideally a sleeping mat, clothes and lighting essentials like a flashlight. 
  2. Choose public parks to set up your camp. 
  3. Many times, when you wake up, you will see people : a group doing morning exercise, an old man sweeping leaves just beside your tent, a guy practicing his karate, etc. Do not ignore these people; greet them with a friendly ohayo gozaimasu ! ("Good morning !"), answer their questions, etc. Japanese people are very friendly and curious, and you will surely be asked many questions about where you come from, and maybe even offered coffee. 
  4. Consider the time of the day as parents with children will visit the park during the afternoons and may feel uncomfortable with a stranger in the park. 
  5. Clean up the area afterwards as Japan is a clean and green environment. 

Due to Japan's extraordinary safety, camping everywhere is very doable and Japan is a very good country to try this lifestyle. Furthermore, camping provides the biggest amount of freedom (you never have to worry about having to find a hotel) and, best of all, it's free!

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by Blogger001 on 09/09/2013 in Outdoor Activities