5 Things you didn't know about Beijing

Beijing is the capital of the People's Republic of China and also the seat of the Chinese ruling council. If you have never been to Beijing, then you have entirely missed out on one of the most interesting histories of ancient civilizations Apart from being home to over 20 million people, Beijing is one of the most visited cities in the world due to its attractions such as the Forbidden City, The Great Wall of China and the Palace Museum.

Thus said, there some things you might not know about this great city. Check out the list below and tell me whether you knew this about the city before you read the blog.

1. Beijing is the oldest City in the World - Before you discount this fact, here me out...The Peking Man lived in Dragon Bone Hill near the village of Zhoukoudian in Fangshan District about 230,000-250,000 years ago. This makes it the city with the oldest remains of human habitation.

2. Beijing is located on a triangular North China Plain - The city is then surrounded by mountains to the north, northwest and west to shield the city and northern China's agricultural heartland from the encroaching desert steppes. The people who thought out the location of this city were geniuses.

3. Climate - Most people concentrate on the population and the smog in Beijing and forget about the weather of the city. The weather here is monsoon-influenced humid continental climate. It is characterized with hot and humid summers due to the influence of East Asian monsoon; and dry, cold and windy winters due to the influence of Siberian Anticyclone.

4. The Air Pollution in the city does not originate from the city - If it were not from the industrial centers such as Shandong Province and Tianjin Municipality, Beijing would be smog free. This situation is further enhanced by the southeasterly flow of the winds.

5. It is home to 41 Fortune Global 500 companies - The Chinese capital is second only to Tokyo in hosting the world's largest companies. It is set to overtake Tokyo in the next few years if the economic indicators in Tokyo are anything to go by.

Beijing is set to become the most powerful city in the world in less than a decade as the Chinese economy prepares to overtake that of the US. We are living in very interesting times indeed. You ought to be one of the people who will experience history in making by visiting the city.


by Kennedy Runo on 03/13/2014 in Escorted or Guided Tour