10 French words you need to know before your leave for France

Forget travelling. Learning a little French puts you ahead of the game in dating. French is known around the world as the language of Romance and love. If I were you, I would already be learning a little French to impress my date. People with an accent are popular on the dating front. It helps if the accent is French.

Before you go to France, you need to learn a little of their language. People will look at you with frowns if you cannot say a few words in French. Below are a few phrases to get you going.

1. Merci beaucoup - This is translated as 'thank you very much'. It is regularly used by the French to show appreciation. You will probably earn a few marks if you can say this to the porter, taxi driver, tour guide, waiter, etc. during your France tour.

2. Bonjour - This is translated as 'Hello' in English. It is considered good manners to say hello to people that you will spend some time with or those you are asking for help. You cannot ask for direction without saying hello to a person.

3. Bonsoir - Good evening. It shows some good manners to wish somebody a good evening.

4. Bonne nuit - Translated as 'Good night', this phrase is used when you are parting ways with people you have spent some considerable time together.

5. Au revoir - This phrase is translated as 'Good-bye'. It is used when you are parting ways when on good terms.

6. Je m'appelle - Translated as 'My name is…,' it is the phrase you use when introducing your name.

7. Madame - Mrs. It is usually used with women older than you or those of higher ranking than you. It is sought of the same with the phrase 'maam' in English.

8. Monsieur - Mr. It is usually the official way of addressing men respectfully.

9. Oui - Yes. It is used to show that you are in agreement with something that has been said to you.

10. S'il vouz plâit - Please. It is considered common courtesy to say please in any language when you want something done for you.

Other important phrases include; Je voudrais - I would like…, Vin - Wine, Pain/Baguette - Bread, Fromage - Cheese. Combien - How much, Où - Where, Gauche - Left, Droit - Right among many others. Make sure you learn something little and impress the French for trying hard enough to speak their language. You will get friends quickly and they can even help you learn even more phrases.

by Kennedy Runo on 01/16/2014 in Escorted or Guided Tour