On your next trip to Armagh, Ireland, be sure to put these attractions on your list

What you Should do While in Armagh City, Ireland

Armagh is the city where ancient and modern Ireland converges to create a cultural wonder. Armagh is situated 40 miles south of Belfast and 80 miles north of Dublin.

A diverse religious gathering is a fascinating attraction to visitors as Protestant meets Catholic there. Both churches have a cathedral to St. Patrick crowning opposing hilltops.

If Ireland is your next vacation destination and Armagh is your stop, here are a few things to see and do while your there.

Visit the Navan Centre and Fort - Learn about mystical creatures and magical but very true tales of the vikings and knights of the 1400s plus join any of the tours and exhibitions located at this popular archeological site.

Historical Sites - See the tons of historical sites and landmarks dating as far back as the 1200s and tour some of the group of churches that dot the country.

The Armagh City Walking Tour - Trod through the city and visit the palace of the Archbishop of ireland in the 1700s at Palace Demesne.

Visit the St. Patrick's Cathedral - Built in the late 1800's this cathedral showcases the deep Gothic architecture of Ireland's past.

Amagh's Planetarium and Astronomy Centre - Look through your own telescope and see the incredible view of the celestial world above us and create a most memorable experience.

Armagh County Museum - Learn of Armagh's colorful and exciting past plus see some of the magnificent artifacts that are housed inside the museum.

Callan River - Sit and wash your feet in the cool and tranquil water of the Callan River or just jump in for a quick dip.

With a rich diversity of historical information surrounding it, along with the slew of bistros and restaurants to enjoy local Irish cuisine, Armagh proves to be another great destination.

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