Aside from the fact that Cuba is the largest Caribbean country, this island is also famous for its unique history and culture, nice climate, colonial architecture and breathtaking beaches.

Video: Beautiful Cuba
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Even though this beautiful nation attracts thousands to millions of international travelers each year, Stefan Boubili’s personal video simply portrays the importance of family as the basic unit of the Cuban society. Along with his wife, Gina Alvarez, let us watch how her life changed with one simple yet adventurous visit in her homeland.

Alvarez describes her Cuban experience as an:

“--adventure after adventure: meeting, for the first time, my uncle, the brother my mother left behind; a cousin who mirrors the face of my beloved grandmother; more than a dozen cousins ranging in age from 20 to 80 in 4 different cities. “

“We also managed to stand on the land where my mother and my father's childhood homes had stood, and to drink in the incredibly beautiful landscape that surrounds it. They enveloped us with warmth and love, welcoming us like their lost children.”

“I’ve come away from the trip with a much more informed point of view - about the island and its people, inside and outside its borders, but perhaps not surprisingly, I’ve also realized that I’ve opened up the proverbial box... and I’m not quite sure what is going to come of it. I am quite sure the box is packed, and under so much pressure for so many decades that this trip and this film will be just the beginning of something. What lies below this precious series of encounters will be much more complicated, just as Cuba is so much more complicated than those coffee table picture books and t-shirts would.”


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