Destination weddings are popular nowadays, so why not travel to Illinois to experience a wedding that you’ll never forget?

You don’t need to travel and get wed out of the country to get a lovely fusion of old world magic and modern charm as the Armour House in Lake County, Illinois provides just the same atmosphere.

Doesn’t matter if you’re aiming for a simple ceremony or a lavish wedding, the Armour House could cater to your dream of a destination wedding with the candlelit splendor of its elegant Great Hall as well as the undeniable exquisiteness of floral gardens and perfectly manicured lawns.
Take a closer look of Armour House in Loudbyte Cinematography’s video, in which the user shares,
What a beautiful venue for ceremony + reception. The outdoor garden is amazing and you definitely feel like you've travelled outside of Chicago.

So start planning your destination wedding as soon as possible!


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