Tips for Traveling With Your Baby

by Carla Pacheco -

Many people assume that having kids pulls the cord on your travel lifestyle. Meg Nesterov, for Gadling Travel, disagrees.

In her recent article, Knocked up abroad: planning travel with a baby, she argues that “with enough planning and the right attitude, it’s not as hard as you might think.”

The post is full of great insights and tips for new parents who want to stay on the road. Both parents and baby can survive these trips and even have fun.

Here’s an excerpt:

Schedule travel around baby:

“Babies are adaptable, but when it comes to travel, especially flying, make it as easy on yourself as possible. My baby generally wakes up early to eat, then goes back to sleep for a few hours, and sleeps through most of the night. Therefore, I’ve tried to book flights for early in the morning or overnight so she’s awake as little as possible. In the six flights we took to and from the US and domestically, the only one we had any trouble with was a 45-minute Boston to New York flight in the early evening, when she tends to be cranky. It’s hard to comfort a baby when you’re standing in line or getting ready to board a flight, so if your baby is already asleep at the airport, that’s half the battle. There used to be nothing I hated more than getting to the airport at the crack of dawn, but traveling with a sleeping, and more importantly, quiet baby is worth getting up early.”

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