With 60 floors full of hotel rooms and condominiums that would certainly pace your mood for an NY lifestyle, you’ll realize soon enough that you won’t go wrong with The Setai.

Fifth Avenue, NYC


The newly-opened lofty, limestone building on the Fifth Avenue may seem intimidating for some travelers but this is merely a small slice of NYC’s introduction of what life really is in this thriving city. The huge bedrooms at The Setai are just jaw-dropping, and this is further complemented by one of the most amazing views of the entire city as well as impressive services and facilities customized by the hotel just for its guests.

Learn more about the rooms at The Setai in a hotel overview below:

Rooms at The Setai Fifth Avenue have been designed for beauty and size. In a city where space is a truly limited commodity, The Setai Fifth Avenue rewards its guests by offering them expansive and spacious Manhattan boutique hotel rooms, among some of the largest in New York City. A natural, almost outdoor-like light illuminates each of our Manhattan hotel suites, rooms and apartments through large windows custom-designed to provide both sweeping views of the city (including nearby Bryant Park and the Fashion District), and inspired views down to the bustling streets below.

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