Ever wanted to see most dangerous reptile in Northern Australia? Then check out a Jumping Crocodile Cruise. On this Cruise visitors will travel down the murky waters of the Adelaide River and witness huge saltwater crocodiles jumping out of the water next to the boat.

See Huge Saltwater Crocodiles on a Jumping Crocodile Cruise
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Get to take on an exciting and thrilling adventure with Jumping Crocodile Cruise in Adelaide and get your heart pumping and adrenaline rushing with a close up encounter with a real and wild 6-meter crocodile. Be at your toes and see the infamous but beautiful creature of the rivers jump and snap next to the boat. Feel the magnificent experience without having to alter the crocodile’s habitat and how they naturally live, see the crocs for who they really are.

With Jumping Crocodile Cruise, you’ll be in safe hands with the friendly and informative crew of the Adelaide River Queen Cruises. You can also get to ride 3 different vessels all designed for the much respected comfort and safety of the passengers. To even maximize the comfort and convenience of the journey, a near Pavilion Coffee Shop is available where you can grab a drink and snack before or after the cruise. You can also grab souvenirs at a Souvenir Shop in which you can show-off your exciting adventure with Jumping Crocodile Cruise with your family, friends, or relatives.

Contact us now and have yourself a new and exciting adventure in Jumping Crocodile Cruise with Adelaide River Queen Cruises!

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