Get a taste of history by spending a night or two at a centuries-old coaching inn in Suffolk.

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In the event that you find yourself in the pleasant village of Barton Mills to perhaps either get a glimpse of the holiday house of the renowned Alexander Fleming or join the biannual Scarecrow Festival held every July, then one accommodation that you ought to check out is the Olde Bull Inn.

While this countryside accommodation looks like the typical conventional coaching inn on the outside, a whole new story can be seen once you step foot inside. Expect a modern and hip touch to its interior with the handmade furniture draped in beautiful textiles and the floorboards rightfully reclaimed.

So get more info on The Olde Bull Inn in this quick hotel review excerpt written on the Daily Mail UK Travel by the hotel Inspector (“Hotel Review: A Hidden Gem as An Inspector Calls at The Olde Bull Inn, Mildenhall, Suffolk”).

The owners are very much present and very much hands on – in a wonderfully relaxed sort of way. It’s a Friday evening and everyone is smiling. The regulars seem chuffed that we’ve bothered to turn up. But I can assure you the pleasure is entirely ours… There are 14 rooms. Ours is a little on the small side, but it has atmosphere and the bed is comfy… There is a touch of kitsch going on, with bright colors and eccentric prints. And the building itself is bigger than you think. There’s a fancy restaurant in one part, which has its own entrance - although it doesn’t seem to be in action this evening… In the bar, specials are written on a board.

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