Are you looking for a remote place for a picnic? Then check out the Picnic on a Peak Helicopter Tour in New Zealand. On the Picnic on the Peak Helicopter Tour visitors are taken by helicopter to a secluded and remote area where they enjoy a champagne luncheon and time in the wilderness alone at their leisure.

Enjoy a Picnic with Amazing views on Picnic on a Peak Helicopter Tour

Do you know where to find the most amazing lunch spot in New Zealand? Take a Picnic on a Peak Helicopter Tour and you will find out! After an amazing helicopter ride that takes off from Queensland, your pilot will drop you in a secluded location in the wilderness with a champagne picnic luncheon, radio, and breathtaking views. When you have finished your champagne and food you will be able to radio the pilot who will fly back to pick you up and return you safely to Queensland. There is nothing more romantic than having the awe-inspiring scenery of New Zealand all to yourself in a spot that is normally inaccessible. if you are looking for the ultimate honeymoon,engagement, or 'just because' attraction, take a ride with Picnic on a Peak Helicopter Tour.


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