Visit one of the most historic places in the Czech Republic.

Catch the Train to Pilsen, and Enjoy a Glass of Original Lager

Pilsen, Czech Republic


Found in Bohemia is the birthplace and original home of the Pilsener beer variety.

Primarily, your visit to this Czech landmark won’t be complete without dropping by the Brewery Museum, wherein you could learn more about the city’s brewing history. Next, don’t try passing up a glass of beer at the Pilsner Urquell brewery, wherein you’ll truly enjoy the essence of a vacation in Pilsen.

Once you’ve sobered up, another activity you ought to do is to stroll around the Pilsen parks that surround both sides of the historical city center. In addition to this, you should also visit the Gothic St. Bartholomew’s Cathedral, and enjoy the rest of the city from here.

Furthermore, you could follow what Daily Mail UK Travel writer Adrian Tierney-Jones did during his tour around Pilsen (“Christmas Cheer in Pilsen, Where the Beer Flows as Smoothly as the Festive Spirit”). Below is a snippet of his travel post:

Pilzen sparkles all year round, though from now until December 23 the square comes into its own with the lights of the Christmas market. You can sip mulled wine while buying handmade crafts and local food specialties - and on December 12, the square hosts the largest group singing of carols in Bohemia… In dingy contrast, you can walk through the vast network of tunnels dug beneath Plzen since the 14th century (January sees it closed for renovation)… At the brewery’s site, a Brandenburg Gate lookalike provides an impressive entrance, while a water tower mimics an Arabian Nights minaret.  An astonishing 1,100,000 liters of beer are brewed here daily.

Read the rest of his travel article here, and don’t hesitate to catch the train to Pilsen to enjoy a glass of original lager.

So speak with us as soon as possible to begin your travel preparations for your next vacation in Pilsen!

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