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  • Marrakech or Marrakesh, known as the "Red City", is the most important former imperial city in Morocco's history. The name Marrakech originates from the Amazigh (Berber) words mur (n) akush, which means "Land of God". It is the third largest city in Morocco and lies near the foothills of the snow-capped Atlas Mountains. It is a few hours from the foot of the Sahara Desert. Its location and contrasting landscape has made it an enviable destination in Morocco.

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Marrakech: Feast for the senses Marrakech: Feast for the senses Marrakech is an ancient caravan town, a gathering place where Arabs and Berbers mingle with Sahara nomads and mountain people.
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Video: Top Legendary Riads In Marrakech 		Video: Top Legendary Riads In Marrakech Take a look at the Berber culture and architecture by watching this video about the Riads of Marrakech.
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