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Vietnam is one of the most underrated foodie capitals of the world. Fresh and delicious, the cuisine there ranges from authentically local and traditional to innovative and fun. 

The city isn't too shabby either! With a rich culture and history and plenty to see and do, there's a reason more and more travelers are making their way to this beautiful corner of the world. 

Check out this great video by Daniel Klein about his experience eating in Vietnam. Be prepared to get hungry!

From the video description: 

"We were invited last month to explore the food in Vietnam. This is that two week trip condensed into three minutes. Enjoy. Shot on Canon 5d Mark ii."

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While dressing up for the airport doesn't result in the suprise upgrades that it used to, tramping through security in teddy bear pajamas are going to raise a few eyebrows. 

To be fair though, between airport security and the cramped airplane seating who doesn’t want to be as comfortable as possible?

How about a compromise? Here’s the best way to dress for flying. 

The Right Footwear 

Now is not the time to break in those lace-up, thigh high boots. You want to get through security as fast as possible so instead opt for a comfy and easy alternative like ballet flats or boat shoes.

Go with anything that can be easily slipped on and off and that isn’t too tight. Your feet expand over long flights increasing your risk of deep vein thrombosis.

However, you also might want to consider wearing your heaviest shoes to save your luggage some weight. This shouldn’t mean high heels though, because heaven forbid there’s an emergency it’ll be difficult to be quick on your feet.

Also skip the flip-flops and sandals as your feet might freeze on the plane. If you’re especially sensitive to cold temperatures bring a pair of socks to put on.

That’s why you should also …

Wear Warm Layers


Even if you’re flying to Tahiti it’s a good idea to bring something to put on during the flight. Cabins are infamous for dropping to freezing temperatures and your seat neighbor might not want to snuggle for 10 hours.

Wear a light jacket or sweater over your shirt. You can tie it around your waist or luggage so it doesn’t take up any room when you’re not wearing it. I have this huge pashmina scarf I always bring that can also serve as a blanket, shawl and sarong. You can also just layer up extra shirts or other clothing you’re bringing.

Loose Fitting, Natural Clothes

Jeans can be stiff and tight and therefore uncomfortable on long trips. Try to wear a looser pair or one with just a small amount of spandex woven in (like 5% or less). You can also secretly undo one bottom - it makes a world of difference.

Some travel experts also recommend staying away from synthetic clothing - in the event of an emergency, it’s much more flammable than natural fibers.

On a side note: Girls! Wear a skirt or shorts long enough to cover your bum when you sit. You donot want to be sitting directly on these seats, trust me.

No Offensive Shirts or Clothes

You can get booted off the plane. Don’t believe me? Southwest airlines kicked a woman off a flight a few years back over a political message on her T-shirt: the faces of Bush, Cheney and Condoleezza Rice hovering over the words “Meet the Fockers.”

Unfair? Maybe. But unlike the government, private companies are not obligated to honor any “freedom of speech” doctrine, so just play it safe.

No Heavy Metal 

This is an oldie, but make sure not to wear items with metal because they can set off security and get you retained. Avoid belts and wallet chains because you’ll have to take them off in security.

Wear minimal jewelry - instead put it safely in your carry-on so you can keep a close eye on it without having to risk a body exam at security. Sometimes it can’t be helped - like for an underwire bra. Do what you can and you should be fine.

Be Clean!

This one might sound silly, but don’t be smelly. You’re cramped in a small, confined cabin that recycles air and already smells stale - do your part to make it a little more pleasant for those around you.

This includes going easy on the perfumes and cologne. A few hours of breathing in “Obsession” would give anyone a headache. Remember, the ideal seat mate doesn’t smell like anything - he or she is perfectly neutral.

This is trickier on the way back when you might have whittled down your clean clothes with nothing to wear on return. Try to save one clean shirt for your last day, or wash your clothes when you travel. And don’t skimp on the deodorant.

Other Things to Remember

Depending on the country you’re traveling to sometimes it’s safer to dress down in order to attract less attention.

Also, be culturally aware and sensitive to your destination. If you’re headed a conservative country respect the dress code and cover up.

Your skin dries out on an airplane because of the altitude, so consider bringing lotion and chapstick - yes, even the guys.

Wearing clean black clothes is an easy way to add a touch of elegance to your look, plus they hide stains much easier.

Remember, the goal is to look neat and presentable. Once you figure out an airplane look you’re set for all future flights.

Ah, Rome. With a history spanning some two and a half thousand years and more art and culture than you can experience in a lifetime, it's certainly worth the trip. The entire city centre is listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, and I cannot even begin to tick off the reasons why. Here's a list though for where to start:

1. Take a walk through the Roman Forum.

This was Rome’s main street in antiquity and truly lets you step back into time and uncover what Rome might have been like hundreds of years ago.

2. The Pantheon.

Unlike the Forum, the Pantheon looks exactly like it did 2000 years ago and as you walk on its marble floors you can truly transport yourself back thousands of years.

3. Tour the Colosseum inside and out.

This structure is amazing and is brought to life by the tour guides who can take you through and explain how the Colosseum was built and now how its being restored.

4. Take a tour of the Vatican.

Although technically its own city and state, the Vatican is a great experience. A great guide is essential here as they help lay a foundation of what you are seeing. Also don’t forget to visit St Peter’s Basilica and its famed dome built by Michelangelo.

5. Toss a coin into the Trevi Fountain.

This is a must! The fountain is spectacular and tossing in a coin is a tradition that will help guarantee you a return trip to this amazing city.

6. People watch at the Spanish Steps.

The steps were named after the Spanish who ruled Rome centuries ago and is a great spot to relax and do some people watching.

7. Browse the Campo Dei Fiori Markets.

A favourite since the mid 1800’s. The market is located very close to the famous Piazza Navona and is a great place to grab some fresh food for a picnic lunch.

8. Eat in the cafes and street side restaurants. 

Rome is known for its cuisine so bring your appetite and some loose clothing for the after effect.

9. Explore the streets.

A great way to explore Rome is by foot. It is surprisingly accessible. With mostly car-free cobble stone streets, there is much to explore as you walk the streets of Rome.

10. Ride on a double decker 'hop-on-hop-off' bus.

These narrated tours allow you to see Rome at your own pace and provide a great way of getting around the city.


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Madrid is one of those special cities everyone should visit at least once in a lifetime (aren't there so many of those, though?). From the wine to the architecture to the history to the fashion, there is something for everyone here. 

I wanted to share this great video by The Film Artist about his trip to Madrid - the sites, the sounds, the beauty. 

Here's the video description:

"Three things that I love most about Madrid: The people know how to enjoy themselves; the gorgeous weather; and the ease of just walking or travelling around this beautiful city. Shot entirely on the Panasonic GH1.

Lots of diegetic sounds and background music from , Oscar Lopez - Gypsy Soul, Unforgettable - Imran Khan, Ottmar Liebert - Heart Still Beating and Black Eyed Peas - The Apl song, Accordian - Mera Juta hai Japani, Raj Kapoor's 'Shree 420'. Thanks to all the street entertainers and to the fantastic people of Madrid.

Cheers to the flashmob, supercool students of WOSAP, their talented choreographer, Alberto Lopez just advised me it was them dancing in the video in the heart Madrid, Puerta del Sol. Amazing how Vimeo has reached out to them in just 4 days!"

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(Image by samurai_dave, on Flickr)

Picture your perfect beach-side getaway: serene, remote, beautiful. Full of white sands to lounge on and clear waters with thriving marine life to explore. Friendly people and fresh food.

Brendan Spiegel must have been reading my diary when he wrote about his latest travel experience on gorgeous Mafia Island off the coast of Tanzania ("Off Tanzania, Serene Mafia Island"). 

Mr. Spiegal describes how ... 

"over the past decade, [Mafia Island] has built a small but passionate following among travelers drawn by its simple charms and serene atmosphere. Serene, that is, on land; underwater, a protected marine preserve offers some of the most magnificent diving and snorkeling in the region, perhaps the world."

He also describes some of the progressive, green practices done on the island to help make tourism more sustainable; according to Manzie Omar Mangochie, the district commissioner of Mafia, "our goal here is to find a balance between welcoming visitors and protecting what we already have."

(Image: "Ras Mbisi Lodge, an eco-resort on a remote stretch of the island." Brendan Spiegel for The New York Times)

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One of the (many) requisites of visiting New York City is also perhaps one of the easiest to realize - grabbing a slice of pie. 

All over the city are pizzerias with above average flavors, which you can enjoy on any kind of travel budget. Many attribute the quality of NYC pizza to the water, which is rich in minerals, and therefore makes for excellent crust. Others point to the prevelant Italian-American influence, or the highly evolved palette of the New Yorker.

Whatever the reason, the pizza here is something special. And some, more special than others. 

Adam Rapp, of, is a NY native who posted a great review of three famous NY pizzerias - Lombardi's in Manhattan, Grimaldi's and Totonno's in Brooklyn. 

NYC PIzza Trifecta - Which Pie is the Apple of my Eye? is a mouthwatering breakdown of the city's best slices.  

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More and more we hear stories of families forced to split up and sit scattered across a plane on a trip. If you're flying with your teenage son, this might be a relief, but if your 3-year old is seated five rows back the entire plane is affected. 

So why does this keep happening? The logical thing to do would be to seat families together to prevent renegade toddlers from disturbing other passengers and to give their moms peace of mind. 

However airlines nowadays are much more focused on creating profit than providing you with a comfortable trip. On many airlines, to be seated together can cost an additional $30 each on top of the ticket.

So what are families to do? has some ideas. Their latest article, by Christopher Elliott, US Airways charges family extra to sit together, not only discusses this phenomena but has some tips on how to fight back.

Here's the first step:

• "Get at the airport early. The sooner you’re at the gate, the sooner you can ask an airline agent to address your seating problem. At this stage of your trip, the employees are not as concerned with generating revenues as ensuring everyone has a good flight. If they see you pulling up to the counter with young children, they will do their darnedest to help."

If you're a traveling family, another way to save yourself some hassle is to book with Travelscope. Not only can we take care of all of the arrangements of your trip, but we can work a little magic too when it comes to complicated flights or group travel. 

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Although a small city still, Vientiane, the country's capital, offers many sites for tourists to see. The city is home to many temples and Buddhist monuments, like Pha That Luang, a Buddhist stupa, one of the most favorite in Laos. In addition to temples, there are plenty of museums, markets and even bowling alleys to check out. 

I wanted to share this neat article by Naomi Lindt for the NYTimes: "36 Hours in Vientiane, Laos." If you're ever exploring Southeast Asia, this is a must. 

(Image by ILRI, on Flickr)

Here's an excerpt from her experience:


"Vientiane might appear to be snoozing after dinner, but things are in full swing at the Lao Bowling Center (Khounboulom Road; 856-21-218-661; 12,000 kip per game), which stays open till the wee hours on weekends. The lanes are warped, the balls dented and the pinsetters have a mind of their own, but the atmosphere can’t be beat. Enthusiastic locals applaud when any pins are knocked over, no matter if they tumble across the foul line during the approach. The young women in silk sinh, or wrapped sarongs, are particularly impressive while downing cans of Beerlao and outplaying their boyfriends."

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TOKYO SLO-MODE from alex lee on Vimeo.

Tokyo is vibrant, colorful and alive. It's definitely the trip of a lifetime, with so much to experience. From the food to the history to the shopping, Tokyo should be visited by everyone at least once. 

That's why I wanted to share this video by Alex Lee of his hometown. He captures the spirit of the city in slow motion images, set to the song "Flying Lotus" ft. Thom Yorke. 

So get inspired, and start your adventure today with Travelscope! 

Viva Las Vegas! Who knew there were so many fun and different things to do and see in this vibrant city?

1. Cruise the Strip.

Where else in the world can you get a taste of NYC, Italy and Paris on one street? The 3 and a half mile long strip is a feast for the eyes, leaving all visitors dazzled by the beauty of the hotels, restaurants and shops.

2. Cirque Du Soleil.

Don’t leave home without a reservation. With 4 permanent shows and a fifth in the making the cirque du soleil’s stunning acrobat, gymnast and contortionists show will leave you in awe.

3. Views from the Stratosphere.

Checkout the amazing views atop the stratosphere and while you are at it ride one of three giant roller coasters.

4. Gambling.

Of course Las Vegas is the epic world wide center for gambling, so why not give a couple slot machines or the tables a whirl? Or try your hand with some of the best poker players around.

5. Bellagio Fountains.

Witness 1,214 spritzers shooting water up to 460 feet in the air as Frank Sinatra or Gene Kelly belt out a tune. The Fountains erupt every half hr between 3 pm and 8 pm, and every 15mins from then till midnight.

6. Indulge in a cocktail with a view.

Try The Foundation Room at Mandalay Bay or The Moon at the Palms.

7. Hit a club.

Even if you are not a club person you have to check one out even if it's just for a drink and some people watching. Some of the hottest clubs at the moment are the Bank at the Bellagio, Tao at the Venetian and Tabu at the MGM

8. Pool party.

When you need to refresh and unwind from the mayhem there is no better activity them hanging by the pool. Some of the best parties are at the hard rock, Mandalay bay and the mirage.

9. Mingle with the Sharks at Mandalay bay.

This aquarium is world class, with tons of sharks crocodiles and even a komodo dragon to catch a glimpse of.

10. Take a trip to old Las Vegas.

Step back into yester year and experience the downtown core along with the Freemont street experience.

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Beautiful Bilbao is a foodie paradise. The capital of the province of Biscay in the autonomous community of the Basque Country, Bilbao offers a unique culture unlike anywhere else in Spain. 

The city offers several theatres and concert halls, cinema and a regular opera season. Choral music is very popular as well. There are many museums including the famous Guggenheim Museum Bilbao of contemporary art and the Bilbao Fine Arts Museum, with a great collection of Spanish painting. That's all not to mention the vibrant and fun nightlife!

However, as we mentioned earlier, the food is where it's at. The local custom is to call what are known in Spanish as tapas by the Basque name - Pintxos, an arguably even more elaborate and delicious version. 

Try Restaurante Kasko, who claims that their Pintxos are a miniaturization of Basque cooking culture, a mixture of traditional and modern. Much of the staff speaks English and you'll often find live piano music. The menu is creative and you're bound to have a pleasant eating experience. 

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Everyone traveling to Italy for the first time visits the staples: Rome, Florence, Venice. However, it's easy to forget the little gems like Stresa.

The town of Stresa is situated on Lago Maggiore, in the Piedmont region. The largest part belongs to Italy and northern part of lake belongs to Switzerland. Stresa offers a breathtaking spectacle: a superb lake front with palm trees and gardens and behind beautiful facades. Looking at the lake, as if by magic emerges from the water the spectacular Borromean Island. Isola Bella, Isola Superiore (Isola dei Pescatore) and Isola Madre.

So if Italy is one your bucket list make sure you put Stresa on it as well and call us today to get the trip planning underway!!!!


The UK is famous for a lot of things, but one feature that can be often overlooked are the magnficent landscapes. From Norfolk to Lincolnshire, Wales to Cornwall, the island is covered in beautiful natural sites that stir something deep inside. 

That's why I'm really glad Paul Steele, popular travel blogger, posted this article to - "A Dawn Of Britain."

He included his stunning collection of images taken during his trip throughout Britain. I've included a couple below, but check out the article for the full collection. 

A dawn over the Lake District


Llandudno, Wales

See these amazing sites for yourself with the help of Travelscope! Time to reveal your inner photographer and experience the beauty that's waiting for you in the world. 

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Prague has been a political, cultural and economic centre of central Europe with waxing and waning fortunes during its 1,100 year existence. Rooted deeply in Gothic and Renaissance style and culture, the city is home to a number of famous cultural attractions. In 1992, UNESCO named the extensive historic centre of Prague a World Heritage Site. It boasts more than 10 major museums in addition to many, many theatres, galleries, cinemas, and other historical exhibits. A modern public transportation system makes the city very accessible. 

Need any more convincing? 

1. Visit a Jazz Club

Prague boasts a surprisingly vibrant jazz scene. One of the best clubs to check out is AghaRTA - the most popular jazz venue in the downtown area. A fun atmosphere, historic building, friendly drink prices, and a first rate local jazz band show. Need we say more?

2. Go to the Opera.

The historic Estates Theatre currently draws on three artistic ensembles, opera, ballet and drama, both local artists and those from around the world. 

3. Imperial Gardens

Take a stroll around the around the Imperial Garden at the rear of the Prague Castle.

4. Visit the “ Child of Prague” at the Church of Our Lady Victorious in Mala Strana.

Pious legends claim that the statue once belonged to Saint Teresa of Avila and allegedly holds miraculous powers, expecially among expectant mothers. Entry to the Church is free and the Church architecture is spectacular.

5. Take a guided tour of the Jewish quarter including the Old Jewish cemetery.

6. Ride the Funicular.

Go to the Ujezd tram stop at the bottom of the Petřín mountain and ride through the three stations along the funicular railway. 

7. Petrin Tower.

Also known as the little Eiffel tower, the Petrin tower has some of the best views of Prague.

8. Tour the St. John Nepomuk State Plate.

The Plate is just a short walk over the Charles Bridge before you get to the castle.

9. Prague Castle.

Visit castle hill and witness the gorgeous Prague Castle which looks like something out of a fairytale.

10. Shopping in Wenceslas square.

This is the largest square in the city and home to trendy shops and restaurants, an important (and fun) historical landmark.


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For a real treat in Seattle, indulge in some of the Pacific Northwest's finest cuisine at the Dahlia Lounge, an eclectic and innovative restaurant that specializes in seafood dishes and earthy flavors. Try to include a meal (lunch or dinner) at the Dahlia Lounge in your travel budget.

Inside is warm and cozy, a perfect retreat from the rainy Seattle weather. The papery lights, tile mosaics, and Asian-inspired design complimented by local art, create a romantic and chic atmosphere.

The menu by Iron Chef winner Tom Douglas is diverse, familiar and creative all at once. It is updated regularly, often depending on season as most of the ingredients are sourced locally.

Start with the Tuscan grilled bread salad or the seafood sampler. The appetizers alone might be enough of a taste, especially when coupled with one the fantastic desserts.

Finish your meal with the infamous freshly-fried, made-to-order doughnuts. The paper sack they’re delivered in may seem unassuming but they are delicious all the same and you can choose your own heavenly toppings. Perfect to share.

Service is professional, attentive, engaging. The wine list is terrific. Do look at the menu and consider your budget beforehand if you need to. It is accordingly expensive given the quality of the food.

Hours: M-F 11:30AM-2:30PM, M-Th 5PM-10PM, F-Sa 5PM-11PM, Su 5PM-9PM (Sa-Su 9AM-2PM).
Address: 2001 4th Ave
Tel:+1 206 682-4142

Seattle: Dahlia Lounge Restaurant Review by All-Consuming: Edible adventures in Seattle and beyond

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With quality point-and-shoot cameras available nowadays for under $100, there is so much to choose from, and not a whole lot of difference between most of them. 

Sometimes though, something new comes onto the market that shakes things up. The Olympus TG-610 camera does just that.

Shockproof. Waterproof. Imagine!

This is great not only for all you adventure travelers, but also for anyone with kids. Or if you're like me, just clumsy. 

Abi King of did an entire write-up on the camera, which I recommend you check out!


At the top of my travel itinerary for Summer 2012 is Portugal. This amazing, diverse country is still a bit off the beaten path in Europe, meaning opportunities for great deals and a special experience. 

Seriously - I cannot recommend this country enough. The food is to die for, the landscapes are breathtaking, and the cities are steeped in history but offer a modern edge.

For some more information on this amazing country, check out this article by Cheska Bennett - she did an interview with Portugal Tourism on Top Insider Travel Tips. There's a lot of great info here, so be sure to check it out if you're even remotely interested in a trip to Portugal. 

If you want to learn more about Portugal or start to plan your trip, contact us!

That hour could mean everything. It could mean the difference between calmly making your way through security and to your terminal, and a Home Alone style mad-dash through the airport, possibly resulting in a kid or two being left behind. 

Try to think ahead about your trip: are you going to be doing a lot of walking? Are the public transportation options easy and accessible? What is the weather like?

As Juno points out on her travel blog, Runaway Juno, "everything will take longer than you thought." Because you're in a new place and unfamiliar with your surroundings, give yourself some cushion. Even just walking to your hotel you might get distracted by the fascinating sites and miss your hotel check-in. 

(Check out her full article for more tips!)

At Travelscope, we want your trip to be easy and breezy, and giving yourself an extra hour definitely helps. But we also know that by planning and booking with us, not only do we can take care of all of the arrangements, but we're here to help at any point during your trip if you get stuck.

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One important and fun attraction in Rome is the Appian Way, one of the earliest and strategically most important Roman roads of the ancient republic that today is a free tourist attraction. 

After the first 3 miles traffic is quite light, and ruins can be explored in relative safety. 

Be sure to check out the Church of Domine Quo Vadis, the three catacombs and the Roman baths of Capo di Bove.

And as always, for a trip you'll never foget, contact us as Carlson Wagonlit Travelscope for all of your travel needs. 

Whenever I meet a very well-seasoned traveler - the kind who's had to order extra pages for their passport - I'm filled with much admiration. 

Almost always, they're super friendly and laid-back, with many stories to tell and few complaints. 

Anyone who's done some traveling knows about its ups and downs. It's a constant learning process, which is why I think these seasoned globetrotters are so easy-going. 

They developed and then relied on a personal travel philosophy - a set of self-regulated principles - to guide them through the good times and the occasional bad.

Now, I'm not quite the world traveler I aspire to be, but I've traveled enough to have made some mistakes, learned from them and created my own rules to enable me to travel better, smarter and stress-free.

These are the rules that work for me. They are constantly evolving with every new trip, and they inspire me to be a better traveler. 

I don't expect that you'll share all my rules. Instead, I hope that they inspire you to articular your own personal philosophy that you can take with you on your next trip.

Here are the 10 rules I travel by. 

1) I'm game, for just about everything. I can be shy around new people but when I travel I make myself go up and talk to locals and fellow travelers to ask questions or make conversation. I try new foods, drinks, ways of life. I try to always say yes and seize every moment and opportunity.

2) I'm a positive ambassador for my country.

3) I'm flexible. I never get too attached to plans and I'm okay with letting them go if life interferes. I don't let surprises and changes affect my attitude and try to see everything that happens as part of the adventure. 

4) I use the language. In many places there are enough English-speakers to depend on everyone else's language skills, rather than struggle with learning and practicing the local tongue. Even if it's only a couple of phrases, I give it a shot and don't stress about sounding stupid. 

5) I approximate a realistic budget for my trip - and stick to it.

6) I buy only practical souvenirs (duh, right?)

Once during a trip to the Andes mountains, I discovered dozens of vendors selling amazing artisan pottery and ceramics in all shapes and sizes. Against my better judgment I scooped up a few pieces to take home as souvenirs and gifts. Mind you however, I was backpacking at the time, and had months ahead of me on this trip with little spare room in my bags. Needless to say, most of those beautiful clay pieces came home in, well, pieces. Never again.

7) I trust myself and follow my instincts. 

8) I know when to give my body a break and not push myself too hard (that museum will be there tomorrow). 

9) I know when I can keep going. 

10) I'm grateful. To be able to explore the world is a privilege, and for that reason alone I try to make every day meaningful in one way or another.

I like my rules and they have helped me a great deal during my travels because they remind me that I can do anything. 

I hope for you they are a model to be able to develop your own personal travel philosophy. We would love to hear them! Please share in the comments.

(This article was inspired by Craig Ballantyne's The 12 Rules I Live By (What Are Yours) - check it out!

Bodrum's acclaimed landmark. Throughout six centuries the building has been destroyed and rebuilt, and served as a military garrison, a compound enclosing a tiny village, and even as a fortress prison. Today it houses one of the finest museums of nautical archaeology in the world, and for visitors is a fascinating trip through the past into the worlds of ancient mariners shipwrecked on Anatolian shores or to the medieval Age of Knights who built this castle from stones that once were part of one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

Known as one of the Seven Wonders of The Ancient World, the Mauseloum was built by Artemisia, the sister and the wife of King Mausolos, B.C. 355. Destroyed later either in war or an earthquake, the ruins were then used in building of the Halikarnassus Castle, ruled by the Christian crusaders from the Knights Hospitaller. The building has a rich, complex history; there are layers of previous Carian, Roman, Byzantine and Seljuk construction, and a distinct aura of its former Crusader occupants: the Knights Hospitaller of St. John.

Later traces of Shakespeare, the royal arms of France, and German architectural handiwork linger on, while its role as a prison for freedom fighters stays quiet in the shadows.

The castle officially became a museum in 1961. The first exhibition included amphorae brought by Bodrum sponge divers as well as items recovered during the exploratory dives during the ’50s. Today the museum sets out (and accomplishes) being a “living museum,” attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors a year, and earning international recognition in the form of the Museum of the Year Award.

The museum explains the history behind the mausoleum and includes several galleries and old documents with explanations in English and Turkish. There are also some pleasant and shady gardens at the Bodrum museum, where you can relax in the fragrance of flowers and the gentle Aegean breeze.

Note: All sections of the museum are closed on Mondays.

Bodrum Castle & Bodrum Museum of Underwater Archaelogy

(For admission to the museum in its entirety)

Hours: 9am-12pm, 2pm-4:30pm

Admission: 10 YTL (about $7 USD/CAD)

Carian Princess Hall

An extraordinary display of artifacts from the Hecatomnid dynasty (ca.392 B.C.): a burial chamber, sarcophagus, funereal wine decanter, and a well-preserved interred female skeleton covered in gold. 

Hours: 9am-12pm, 2pm-4:30pm

Admission: 5 YTL

Glass Wreck Hall

An excavated Medieval shipwreck at Serce Limani, a natural harbour on the southern Turkish Coast, which yielded what is presently the most closely-dated single assemblage of Islamic ceramic, metal and glass wares in existence. Also known as the Uluburun Ship Wreck, it is one of the earliest and richest wrecks yet discovered, with excavated items date back to the Bronze Age. 

Hours: 9am-12pm, 2pm-4:30pm

Admission: 5 TRY

Mausoleum (of Halicarnassus)

Just a short walk uphill from the marina, you can see the foundations of the Mausoleum, one of the Seven Wonders of the World. 

Hours: 8:30am-4:30pm

Admission: 8YTL

Myndos Gate and Ottoman Tour (Free) 

Also included in the museum are the considerable Amphoras Exhibition and the Galley Slave Exhibit, the Dungeon from when the Castle was used as a prison. 

Museum Website for more more detailed information regarding the museum's history and many exhibits. 

Address: Bodrum Castle, Dr. Alim Bey Cd, Bodrum 48400, Turkey


Travelscope is here to help. We can make your dream trip to beautiful and exotic Turkey a reality. Just contact us for more information. 

A video by Karli Davis. Watch this family hit up some of San Diego's best attractions and get some ideas for your next trip!

If you're planning a trip to Sydney, make some time to check out historic and lovely Elizabeth Bay! A cool and easy neighborhood, with little pocket parks, art-deco and Spanish-inspired architecture, chic boutiques and fantastic coffee and food.

The Elizabeth Bay neighborhood is located 3km East of the Sydney central business district. Go to see the many gorgeous historical homes, including the Elizabeth Bay House, and Boomerang, perhaps the best surviving suburban estate of its period on the harbor foreshores. 

Visit the Arthur McElhone Reserve on Billyard Ave, a pretty park with spectacular harbor views, and Beare Park on Esplanade Road, for more views and a children's playground. 


Lizzy Bay Gourmet Café

Delicious, modern Australian home-cookin'

Address: Ground Level, Elizabeth Bay Road

Telephone: (02) 9357-7630

Kujin Japanese Cuisine

Japanese Izakaya style teppanyaki, okonomiyaki, original home-made noodles, yakitori, and plenty more. 

Address: Shop 1, 41b Elizabeth Bay Road

Telephone: (02) 9331-6077

Veloce Deli Cafe

Unpretentious and yummy, with a wide range of food. The best coffee in Sydney! 

Address: Shop 17/8, Greenknowe Ave

Telephone: (02) 8354-1899

Gazebo Wine Garden

An excellent wine list, quality service, and a romantic atmosphere.

Address: Ground Level, 2 Elizabeth Bay Road

Phone: (02) 9357-5333

Cafe Two Ants

Hole in the wall, with the best steak sandwich in Sydney. Modest but fresh menu. Delicious coffee.

Address: 70 Elizabeth Bay Road

Telephone: (02) 9326-9015


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