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Borobudur is arguably the most spectacular Buddhist temple in the world, dating back to 8th or 9th century.

The Borobudur stupa is a very big, proportioned, which is two hundred meters in size on a small carved hill. The sculpture represents a solar model of the universe. One can walk through five kilometers of open corridors. Then it leads to a small downhill through six square terrace and there circular ones. The symbol describes the state of nirvana. The stupa is ornamented with 2676 panels and Buddha statues that are 504 in number. This place is not only a shrine but also homage of the Buddha. The visitors start their journey from the base of the temple and move to the third level that is on the top were there are 72 statues of the Buddha and the main monument.

Although it's located in the town of Magelang, the site is easily accessibe from Yogyakarta. Crowds can be huge so better to go for the sunrise tour. It's worth it even though you have to pay more. Location wise quite far from Yogya town around 1.5hrs. If you want to go for the sunrise tour be ready by 330am to travel there. By the time you reach Borobudur it would be around 5am.

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Situated in Anaheim is the legendary theme park, called Disneyland. This 160-acre Walt Disney theme park may be built in honor of Disney characters and epic fairy tales, but during holidays, such as Christmas time, it offers special presentations, such as the “A Christmas Fantasy” parade as well as a spectacular display of fireworks every night. See how it is to make a trip to the happiest place (on earth?) in this video shared to us by Ahwahnee Films’ Aaron Mendez.

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An Order of Tapa with Rice



From the Spanish tapas served in humble plates and the many wines at the bar in the casual Tapa Room to the more formal ambience in The Providores, wherein delish and excellently prepared meals are served, you definitely won’t get wrong when dining at The Providores & Tapa Room.
Find out more about this London resto, wherein tapas start at £2.40 and main courses begin at £15, in this review posted on travel-based website, called Frommer’s:
Squid with papaya, pickled carrot, and pomelo (Asian citrus fruit) salad with tamarind caramel and coriander is a glorious explosion of sweet and sour tastes. Grilled scallops come with a dumpling of quinoa and crab, purée of celeriac and tomato sambal (chili-based sauce), and lotus crisps. Lunch is à la carte, but dinner is a set menu with the savory dishes starter-sized to encourage you to taste as many as possible. The main Providores restaurant is upstairs. The downstairs, low-key Tapa Room offers all-day dining, and is a perfect place for breakfast.

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Al Ain, UAE


Known as the second biggest city in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain has become one of the fastest developing travel destinations in the United Arab Emirates.

Travelers who have already visited the coasts along the bigger cities would find Al Ain’s dry desert air as welcoming. Get a good look at this huge city, which is a famous weekend destination of many locals, in this Al Ain travel guide vid prepared by Mynetbizz Travel.

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Map of Soho, London


Located in central London is the 39-guestroom hotel Dean Street Townhouse, which also features an all-day dining room that is aptly open to serve breakfast to dinner meals.

Furthermore, you’ll notice that this four-story building is full of dramatic Georgian structural design, which generally mirrors its remarkable history as a Gargoyle Club in the past. With king-size to super king-size beds waiting for you, you’d be pleased to know that the Dean Street Townhouse also allows you to stay in its hospitality area just in case you come too early and as your bedroom is being prepared.

Learn more about this London hotel, and find out how it is to experience an excellent English hospitality at London’s Dean Street House. Read this review excerpt published on travel site, Frommer’s:

Atmosphere and location are the draws here -- the price is that rooms are small even for central London. Units have four-poster beds, hand-painted wallpaper, and other retro-chic touches. The innovative all-day dining room with a weekly, changing menu of seasonal British food is a magnet for the post-theatre crowd, and lends evenings at the Townhouse a buzzy, cosmopolitan feel. Book well in advance -- this isn't the place for a last-minute bargain.

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The Historic Castro Theatre in San Francisco


The exquisite Castro Theatre is recognized for its classic movie screenings and the pre-show playing of its Wurlitzer organ. Doesn’t matter which night of the week you wish to drop by as it features various movies every night, sometimes showing a maximum of two films. If you’re into bargain dramas and musical performances, then you’ll want to drop by during the holidays and on Sundays, Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Get more info on this San Francisco venue, and opt to have a relaxing night by watching the classics at the Castro Theatre. Here’s a review excerpt about it as published on the renowned travel site, Fodor’s:

Here's a classic way to join in the Castro community: grab some popcorn and catch a flick at this gorgeous, 1,500-seat art-deco theater; opened in 1922, it's the grandest of San Francisco's few remaining movie palaces… Before many shows the theater's pipe organ rises from the orchestra pit and an organist plays pop and movie tunes, usually ending with the Jeanette McDonald standard "San Francisco" (go ahead, sing along). The crowd can be enthusiastic and vocal, talking back to the screen as loudly as it talks to them. Classics such as Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? take on a whole new life, with the assembled beating the actors to the punch and fashioning even snappier comebacks for Elizabeth Taylor.

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Mildenhall Signpost


In the event that you find yourself in the pleasant village of Barton Mills to perhaps either get a glimpse of the holiday house of the renowned Alexander Fleming or join the biannual Scarecrow Festival held every July, then one accommodation that you ought to check out is the Olde Bull Inn.

While this countryside accommodation looks like the typical conventional coaching inn on the outside, a whole new story can be seen once you step foot inside. Expect a modern and hip touch to its interior with the handmade furniture draped in beautiful textiles and the floorboards rightfully reclaimed.

So get more info on The Olde Bull Inn in this quick hotel review excerpt written on the Daily Mail UK Travel by the hotel Inspector (“Hotel Review: A Hidden Gem as An Inspector Calls at The Olde Bull Inn, Mildenhall, Suffolk”).

The owners are very much present and very much hands on – in a wonderfully relaxed sort of way. It’s a Friday evening and everyone is smiling. The regulars seem chuffed that we’ve bothered to turn up. But I can assure you the pleasure is entirely ours… There are 14 rooms. Ours is a little on the small side, but it has atmosphere and the bed is comfy… There is a touch of kitsch going on, with bright colors and eccentric prints. And the building itself is bigger than you think. There’s a fancy restaurant in one part, which has its own entrance - although it doesn’t seem to be in action this evening… In the bar, specials are written on a board.

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Berkeley, San Francisco


Travelers to Berkeley may notice how this thriving metro has successfully created unique environs of contemporary chic shopping areas, a conspicuous trace of a free spirit counter-culture and private localities in Berkeley Hills.

Nonetheless, if you’re really into discovering more of the bustling city life in this part of San Francisco Bay, including the top streets and areas to drop by, then you’ll have to continue reading on to get more info on the top three shopping districts in Berkeley.

1. Telegraph Avenue

If you’re looking for an eclectic mix of metropolitan life in Berkeley, then a trip to Telegraph Avenue is just what you need. From restos featuring international culinary adventures to remarkable structures and a wide selection of shopping choices, such as modern boutiques, books stores, hair salons, music stores, hat shops, street vendors, shoe and smoke stores, body art lounges and vintage shops, this avenue is certainly a must-visit for just about every traveler!

2. Fourth Street

For a more upscale street that offers first-rate dining opportunities as well as great shopping choices that primarily promise shoppers with the best of quality and product styles, a leisure walk along Fourth Street is highly recommended. Enjoy the clever incorporation of sycamore streets on the entirety of this avenue, and don’t hesitate to enjoy a world-class meal in one of its many restos or get yourself or your loved ones souvenirs from the many shops that line the Fourth Street.

3. Solano Avenue

Lastly, a quick trip to Albany may bring you to Berkeley’s Solano Avenue, where you can find a distinctly special abundance of diversity. From contemporary boutiques, family-run stores and an unbelievable collection of cafes and restos that boast of one of the cities freshest and tastiest fares, a day on this street will surely get you all dizzy from hopping from one establishment to another!

On the whole, Forth Street and Telegraph and Solano Avenues are the top three shopping districts in Berkeley!

Speak with our travel experts today to learn more about your trip to Berkeley!

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Durian Fruit


Nothing is as rich and diverse as the Thai culture as its food.  From those found in the streets to the specialties in restaurants, food in Thailand is definitely a complete experience.

So here is our list of the top ten not-to-miss Thai food and drinks:

1. Crickets
One of the most popular delicacies that Thailand is known for, crickets are prepared deep-fried or sautéed and added with spices.  
2. Durian
The awful smell makes this fruit unappetizing, but the exotic Durian actually tastes so good!
3. Fried or Grilled Bananas
Like the rest of Southeast Asia, bananas abound in Thailand.  The Saba variety, when ripe, is best cooked fried or grilled as snacks, and cooked with coconut milk for dessert.
4. Gekway, or Chrysanthemum Drink
This sweet, yellowish drink is made from crushed chrysanthemum flowers.  There is also the red variety of it, and it is made fresh everyday.
5. Grasshoppers
Closely related to crickets, grasshoppers are also deep fried in oil or sautéed and seasoned with chilli powder.  This finger food makes for an excellent appetizer.
6. Papaya Salad
Prepared with other ingredients such as tomatoes, peanuts and prawns; this salad makes a healthy dish.  Because it is spicy, be prepared to perspire when eating it.
7. Silkworm Larvae
Cooked or uncooked, silkworm larvae can be found where the crickets and grasshoppers are sold.  High in protein, they are best served with mushrooms and basil leaves.
8. Sticky Rice
Sticky rice is a common dish especially from Laos, Cambodia.  The glutinous sweet rice is best served with chicken, and it is deliciously good!
9. Thai Iced Tea
Cha Yen, also called Chamonyen if mixed with milk, is a thirst quencher that has a unique sweet taste.  Derived from rich dark tea, it is best prepared cold – and with lots of ice.
10. Tum Yum Goong
This is the soup you will learn to love and will want to bring when you leave Thailand.  Made with over 29 ingredients, the main ones include prawns, basil leaves, chilli and an assortment of vegetables. Tum Yum Goong is extremely spicy and is definitely irresistible!

Plot out which ones to try on what days in your next trip to Thailand!


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Fifth Avenue, NYC


The newly-opened lofty, limestone building on the Fifth Avenue may seem intimidating for some travelers but this is merely a small slice of NYC’s introduction of what life really is in this thriving city. The huge bedrooms at The Setai are just jaw-dropping, and this is further complemented by one of the most amazing views of the entire city as well as impressive services and facilities customized by the hotel just for its guests.

Learn more about the rooms at The Setai in a hotel overview below:

Rooms at The Setai Fifth Avenue have been designed for beauty and size. In a city where space is a truly limited commodity, The Setai Fifth Avenue rewards its guests by offering them expansive and spacious Manhattan boutique hotel rooms, among some of the largest in New York City. A natural, almost outdoor-like light illuminates each of our Manhattan hotel suites, rooms and apartments through large windows custom-designed to provide both sweeping views of the city (including nearby Bryant Park and the Fashion District), and inspired views down to the bustling streets below.

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Known as a popular Formula One event in the Netherlands, the Bavarian City Racing is a parade and showcasing of world-renowned racing drivers with their racecars. Originally referred to as the Monaco at the Maas, this Rotterdam demonstration attracts more than 500,000 individuals every year, and more people may be even enticed to join on August 26 this year.

So if you’re thinking about watching the Bavarian City Racing and are not sure what to expect, then watch this video provided by Alok Paleri, who shares,

I travelled with Falken to Rotterdam on Sunday, August 22nd 2010 to take a peek at Bavaria City Racing where five Falken cars were due to perform a demonstration along with a couple of other drift teams. Following a crash between two Formula cars that resulted in a 2 hour delay and cancellation of one of the two planned drift runs, as well as the rather uninviting weather, there wasn't enough time to capture enough raw materials - Hence this video being so short.

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Cambodia has not only been attracting travelers to visit Phnom Penh and Siem Reap, it has also proven that its other travel attractions in Kep, Kampot and Sihanoukville are worth anyone’s time. On the other hand, one of Southeast Asia’s most deprived countries, Laos, also offers equally beautiful tourist spots that are known to be more popular to travelers searching for a more relaxed vacation.

In Mojo43’s clip, he describes both countries as:


-amazing places to visit. We are so used to rolling in and out of countries so quickly that taking our time through Cambodia was very refreshing and one of our favorite trips ever. The people and the sights are were fantastic and if you happen to get some time to spend in Laos then do so! It was definitely a highlight of our trip.

So get started with your next holiday trip as soon as possible!